PRAXIS:  "The action and reflection of people upon their world in order to transform it."

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Relationships Education with Fourth Formers 

Merle Bradshaw, RGON, Public Health Nurse, Wanganui 

Reference:  Bradshaw, M. (1989). Relationships Education with Fourth Formers Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 4(2) 23-25

 In 1987, during my third year as school Public Health Nurse, I was asked by Wanganui High School to assist in the introduction of the new health syllabus.  As I became more involved I had the privilege of meeting a large group of young people who astonished me with the support, insight and good humour they displayed to each other and their world.  They expressed a degree of tolerance to differences and to the right of individual expression which outweighed the expected negative effects of peer pressure.