PRAXIS:  "The action and reflection of people upon their world in order to transform it."

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Integrating Nursing Research and Practice:  Part I  A Journey into the Unknown 

Bonnie Schroyen, RCompN, Staff Nurse 

Anne M. Bielby, RGON, Community Nurse 

Faye Hawtin, RCompN, Community Nurse 

Beverley J. MacKay, RGON, Liaison Nurse 

Lesley-Anne Simkiss, RGON, Occupational Health Nurse 

Therese C. Meehan, RGON, PhD, Nurse Researcher

Reference: Schroyen, B., Bielby, A., Hawtin, F., MacKay, B., Simkiss, L., Meehan, T., (1994). Integrating Nursing Research and Practice: Part 1 A Journey into the Unknown Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 9(3), 12-14

We must all face the challenge of weaving together the art and science of nursing, of integrating nursing research and practice.  In a two part article Northland nurses tell about their experiences with research and the study they carried out.  Part one describes their beginning experiences with integrating research and practice.