Journal of Professional Nursing

Family Nursing: The case for a nurse consultant

Stephen Neville, R. CompN, BA (Nursing) MNANZ, Nursing Tutor, Nursing and Health Education Department, Christchurch Polytechnic

Reference:  Neville,S. (1995). Family Nursing: The case for a nurse consultant. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 10(3), 24-28.


A nurse consultant and family-focused nursing service are vital components for family health, particularly for at-risk populations, such as people with a developmental disability.  At present, service on this level is lacking within the health care system of Aotearoa and it is generally felt that this level is unachievable within the current economic and political environment.  I believe the introduction of this service would be an excellent option for Crown Health Enterprises.  The provision of a nurse consultant to work with families who have a family member who is chronically ill or disabled must be beneficial at both the institutional and personal level.

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