Journal of Professional Nursing

Moving from an Oral Tradition:  The Praxis Story 

Judith Clare (was Judith Perry)

Helen Gilmour-Jones (was Helen Cleland)

Norma Chick

Janet Takarangi

Joan Chettelburgh

Pat Hickson 

Reference: Clare,J., Gilmour-Jones, H., Chick, N., Takarangi, J., Chettelburgh,J. & Hickson, P. (1995). Moving from an Oral Tradition:  The Praxis Story Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 10(3),  4-11



This is a story, so a good place to start is at the beginning.  Yet it isn’t easy to pinpoint just when that beginning was.  Projects like Nursing Praxis represent the fulfilment of a dream, and who can say where a dream begins?  We could say that the reality began on the night of 3 June 1985 when a group of women meeting in Palmerston North resolved that there would be a journal, and that the first issue would appear in November of that year.

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