Journal of Professional Nursing

Parents’ Expectations of the Nurse – Role Negotiation 

Colleen Conway, RCpN, BN, Staff Nurse 

Elizabeth Culbert, RGON, BN, Charge Nurse 

Susan Gale, RCpN, BN, Staff Nurse 

Marie Coulden, RGON, BN, Staff Nurse 

Jane  Tulloch, RcpN, BN, Clinical Nurse Specialist 

Reference: Parents’ Expectations of the Nurse – Role Negotiation  Nursing Praxis in New Zealand 11(3), 32-37



This research was a pilot study carried out in 1994 as a requirement for completing the research component of the Bachelor of Nursing undergraduate degree programme at Otago Polytechnic.  This 300-level paper focused on learning the process of research.  The five researchers involved were all Registered Nurses working in the paediatric unit at Dunedin Hospital.

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