Journal of Professional Nursing

The Preparation And Introduction Of Nursing Auxiliaries: The MidCentral Health Experience

Jane Dransfield, RGON, RPN, RM, AND, BN (Victoria), MCNA (NZ) Nursing Consultant, MidCentral Health 

Marian Bland, RGON, M.A. Nsg (Hons) Massey, MCNA (NZ) Nurse Specialist, Services for the Elderly, MidCentral Health

Reference:  Dransfield, J., & Bland, M. (1997). The Preparation and Introduction of Nursing Auxiliaries: The MidCentral Health Experience. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 12(1), 4-12.


In early 1995, nursing auxiliaries (known as care assistants) were introduced into one of MidCentral Health’s continuing car units.  While there was a long tradition of using hospital aides in largely domestic roles, the roles of non-professional staff in care delivery was a radical departure for MidCentral Health, and a decision not taken lightly.

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