Journal of Professional Nursing

It May Be Legal but Is It Right?

Cathy Andrew, RCpN, BA, MCNA (NZ) Senior Academic Staff Member Faculty of Health and Sciences Christchurch Polytechnic 

Reference:  Andrew, C. (1997) It May Be Legal but Is It Right? Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 12(3), 4-9.


Moral blindness occurs when a health professional, “upon encountering a moral problem, simply does not see it as a moral problem” (Johnstone, 1994, p.163). 

In this article a narrative style is used to capture the complexity and depth of the human experience concerning issues surrounding organ donation.  The story is written from the perspective of the silent observer, in this case a patient who is brain dad.  Through the use of narrative the nature of the moral dilemma is exposed by placing the patient, and the nurses caring for her, at the centre of the story.   Continued...

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