Journal of Professional Nursing

A Political Face of Nursing 

Jill White, RGON, BSc, Supervising Public Health Nurse 

Reference:  White, J. (1986). A Political Face of Nursing. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 1(3), 23-24.


In 1983 I was elected to the local City Council.  I became involved in Local Body politics as a direct result of my work as a Public Health Nurse.  One particular concern in my work was the inadequacy of the housing supply to meet the needs of many clients.  But housing was only one focal point in a spectrum of concerns about resource availability.  Inadequacies in the education system, unemployment, limited access to facilities because of poor transport were also obvious.  The other side of this coin of deprivation is that society is missing out on some of the gifts its people have to offer.  

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