Journal of Professional Nursing

Leaders and Followers 

Anne O’Halloran, RGON, B Soc Sci, Dip Bus, Admin 

Reference:  O’Halloran, A. (1986). Leaders and Followers. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 1(3), 3-7.


Behind every successful movement in society there are effective leaders.  Once upon a time I believed that there were three groups from which these leaders came:  The Elite, the Charismatic, and the Appointed Ones. 

Along with this belief I had the understanding that elite people were often rich, certainly powerful, and because of their station in life, had plenty of time to be out there leading the way;

Charismatic leaders were beautiful people but they often seemed to have an abrupt and bloody demise; 

Appointed leaders got there because they applied for the job and they were democratically and duly offered the job, but obviously voters could change their mind and the Board of Governors or their equivalent, could go out and do a new set of voting. 

I now know that leaders come from a variety of backgrounds, their staying power is altered by many factors and their relationship with “the people” is paramount to their success. 

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