Journal of Professional Nursing

The Meaning of Scholarliness in Nursing 

Norma Chick, RGON, RM, PhD, Senior Lecturer, Department of Nursing Studies, Massey University 

Reference:  Chick, N. (1986). The Meaning of Scholarliness in Nursing. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 1(3), 18-22.


The flyer which announced the impending publication of Nursing Praxis in New Zealand contained the statement that “The editorial group welcomes scholarly contributions from nurses active in any area of nursing in New Zealand”.  We anticipated at the time that there would be questions such as “Why scholarly?” and perhaps less neutral comment.  While no-one has actually taken up the offer in the last issue whereby readers were invited to share their comments (preferably in the form of a letter to the Editor) some ripples continue to reach us.  As the initial wording was deliberate and we intended that it be noted this article has been written to expand on that purpose. 

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