Journal of Professional Nursing

From Resistance To Passion:  An Interview With Brian Mckenna On  Quasi-Experimental Research   

Lynne S. Giddings, RGON, RM, PhD, Associate Professor  School of Nursing and Midwifery  Auckland University of Technology   

Pamela J. Wood, RGON, PhD, Associate Professor  Graduate School of Nursing and Midwifery  Victoria University of Wellington 

Giddings, L. S. & Wood, P. J. (2003). From resistance  to passion: An interview with Brian McKenna  on quasi-experimental research. Nursing Praxis in  New Zealand, 19(1), 4-14.     



Quasi-experimental methodologies fit within the continuum of quantitative research     Quasi-experimental methodologies fit within the continuum of quantitative research  approaches. Integral to the evidenced-based practice movement, these  methodologies are viewed by this movement as the more legitimate of the various  approaches to researching nursing and midwifery problems and issues. This is  the ninth article in a series based on interviews with nursing and midwifery  researchers, designed to provide the beginning researcher with a first-hand account  of the experience of using particular methodologies. This article focuses on the  quasi-experimental methodology as described by Brian McKenna (RCpN, BA, MHSc  [Hons]) who is currently completing his PhD. Brian used this methodology to  investigate patient perception of coercion on admission to acute psychiatric services  in New Zealand. The interview with Brian also highlights the initial resistance  many nurses and midwives feel when confronted with the requirement to add  ‘research’ to an already far too busy work schedule.   

Key Words: Research, methodologies, quantitative research, quasiexperimental,  positivism, post-positivism.   


This article is the ninth in a series  based on interviews with nursing and  midwifery researchers in New  Zealand/Aotearoa (refer to Giddings  & Wood (2000) for background  information on the series). It offers  the beginning researcher an  introduction to the quasiexperimental  methodology by focusing  on the personal reflections and  experience of a nurse, Brian McKenna  (RCpN, BA, MHSc [Hons]). Brian is a  senior lecturer at Auckland University  and nurse advisor at the Auckland  Regional Forensic Psychiatry Services  (the Mason Clinic).  continued

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