Journal of Professional Nursing

Collaborative learning in the COVID-19 pandemic: A change to the delivery of undergraduate nursing education

Patricia Thomson, RN, MEd, CTLT, Senior Academic Staff Member
Anna Richardson, RN, MPH (Dist.) DipTertTch, Principal Academic Staff Member
Gail Foster, RN, MClinEd, PGDip Prof. Nursing Practice, Senior Academic Staff Member 

Reference:  Thomson, P., Richardson, A., & Foster, G. (2021). Collaborative learning in the COVID19 pandemic: A change to the delivery of undergraduate nursing education. Nursing Praxis in Aotearoa New Zealand, 37(3), 34-36. 

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At the time of the first lockdown in Aotearoa New Zealand, Bachelor of Nursing students were deemed non-essential workers and unable to complete clinical placements. This reflective piece describes an innovative solution to design meaningful learning activities for clinical placements in primary health care settings. With a focus on collaborative learning in a virtual team, student nurses participated in a project which focused on disaster nursing preparedness and management of the sequelae associated with a disaster, particularly the COVID-19 pandemic. Appropriate e-learning short courses contributed to student preparation for clinical practice acting as a substitute to clinical experience. The learning outcomes for student nurses included enhanced teamwork, demonstration of leadership, relevant learning that enabled completion of the Bachelor of Nursing programme with work readiness.

COVID-19; e-learning; online learning; undergraduate nursing education


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