Journal of Professional Nursing

Reviving resuscitation skills: Non-invasive ventilator training for ward nurses 

Zaffer Khan Cusi Malik, MNSc, NP Community Health of Older People (CHOPI); NP, Emergency Department 

Reference:  Malik, Z.  (2021). Reviving resuscitation skills: Non-invasive ventilator training for ward nurses. Nursing Praxis in Aotearoa New Zealand, 37(3), 22-24.  

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As part of the pro-active response in anticipation of a possible outbreak of COVID-19 in Aotearoa New Zealand, ward nurses at Wellington Regional Hospital were requested by senior nursing leadership to participate and engage in non-invasive ventilation training. The objective of this education was to allow adequate response and provision of lifesaving non-invasive ventilation to critically unwell patients. Identifying potential nurses and ascertaining the amount of training and resources involved in mass training was critical to the success of the programme. The variation in ventilation equipment was a significant detail that had contributed to the mounting challenge of addressing the lack of both human and technological resources. This reflection piece describes the education initiative and the circumstances and practicalities of creating, teaching, and training advanced skills (non-invasive ventilation education) to ward nurses with limited respiratory experience.

COVID-19; intensive care; non-invasive ventilation; nursing

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