Journal of Professional Nursing

The Experience of Acute Illness: Whose Experience? 

Bronwyn Paterson, RGON, BA, Charge Nurse, Dunedin Hospital 

Reference:  Paterson, B. (1986). The Experience of Acute Illness: Whose Experience? Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 1(4), 3-8.


The experience of acute illness can be viewed from the perspective of the nurse in terms of the knowledge and skill she has gained (based on personal contact with and observation of persons in this situation) or from the perspective of persons who meet with this situation and are directly affected by it.  Although both perspectives have relevance for nurses caring for persons in acute illness situations, it is clear in reviewing the nursing and allied professional literature, that knowledge gained about the acute illness experience is almost solely based on the perspective of the nurse (or other health professional). 

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