Journal of Professional Nursing

Changing to an Area Health Board – A Personal View 

Sheryl Smail, RGON, DHA, Chief Nursing Officer, Wanganui Area Health Board 

Reference:  Smail, S. (1987). Changing to an Area Health Board – A Personal View. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 2(2), 8-14.


Sometimes it feels that to make change takes such a lot of energy and such a long time that it’s a wonder we can sustain the momentum to change anything.  Yet reflecting on the ways the organisation I work for today is different to the one I worked for on 1 October 1985, the day we first became an Area Health Board, I realise that we have achieved significant change already.  I firmly believe the foundations have been established for the formation of an excellent Area Health Board.  Continued… 

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