Journal of Professional Nursing

Research Brief: Using a Wiki to support student nurses learning discipline specific health terminology

Michelle Honey, RN, PhD, FCNA (NZ), Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing, University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ
Iain Doherty, PhD, Director, eLearning Pedagogical Support Unit, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Lisa Stewart, BA, PGDipHsc, MNurs(Hons), RN, Professional Teaching Fellow, School of Nursing, University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ
Danting Wei, Medical Student, University of Auckland, Auckland, NZ 


This study aimed to clarify whether a collaborative exercise using a Wiki to teach nursing students health-specific terminology resulted in better learning. In one New Zealand School of Nursing a list of health-related and disciplinespecific terms was created, first-year nursing students were expected to learn these before their initial clinical practice. However, students found the terms difficult to learn. The use of a collaborative Wiki exercise to create a glossary of health terms was seen as a way to aid student learning, while also providing a learning environment where students would develop collaborative skills.

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