Journal of Professional Nursing

Towards Selection of Comprehensive Nursing Students 

Margaret Hyland, RGON, RM, BA, Senior Tutor, Southland Polytechnic 

Reference:  Hyland, M. (1988). Towards Selection of Comprehensive Nursing Students. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 3(2), 9-16.


Data from three groups of twenty-five subjects representing high achievers, low achievers and withdrawals from a Comprehensive Nursing Course were studied for differences that could identify valid criteria for selection of comprehensive nursing students.  Analyses of variance were applied where appropriate.  A significant between groups difference was found in the age of students at entry to the course.  While all students had successfully passed University Entrance significant between group differences were also found in English, Mathematics and General Science marks at School Certificate level and the sum of the tip four grades in Sixth Form Certificate.  On the basis of the results a number of recommendations were made.  Continued… 

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