Journal of Professional Nursing

Looking back and looking forward

Dr Louise Rummel, RN PhD, with input from
Dr Irena Madjar, RN PhD, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Nursing and Health Studies, Manukau Institute of Technology

Reference:  Rummel, L. (2016). Editorial: Looking back and looking forward. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 32(1) 5-7. 

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Emeritus Professor Dr Norma Chick PE RGPM RM PhD, FCNA, has been a member of the Editorial Group of Nursing Praxis in New Zealand form the inception of "Nursing Praxis" in 1985 to the present day (2016).  One can only marvel at this length of service of a great, disciplined and logical mind, and her determination to advance the profession of nursing as a discipline in its own right.  Reflecting on the early issues of Nursing Praxis in New Zealand my mind goes back to my early associations with Norma.


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