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Kāore he wahine o te ao nei ka whakaae ki tēnei

Sandra Thaggard, BHSc(Nsg), MHSc(Hons), PhD, Senior Lecturer, Department of Nursing, School of Clinical Sciences, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, NZ


Thaggard, S. (2017). Editorial: No woman signs up for this. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 33(2), 4-6.



Nobody starts off in a dating relationship knowing they are going to be verbally or psychologically abused, hit or punched. No woman willingly agrees to this. Recent media coverage by Newshubb (2017) revealed sexist comments made by some young college students over social media that were disrespectful toward women.

After posting comments about rape, apologies were issued, and the young men said it was meant to be a joke. The young men involved have been suspended and counselled. Agencies like Rape Crisis were called in to talk to these young men about respect and consent in an intimate relationship. I wondered what part of any comments - when made about rape - could be construed as a joke. I also began to wonder if young men are made to think about how the sexualized language they use objectifies women and how much of this language conveys their values and beliefs about women, and how this contributes to the high rates of intimate partner violence (IPV) in our society.




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