Journal of Professional Nursing

Control of Severe Pain in Children 

Karen L. Olsen, RGON, R.S.C.N., Paediatric Surgical & Orthopaedic Unit Nurse Manager, Princess Mary Hospital for Children, Auckland
Gale Ware, Clinical Pharmacist, Auckland Public Hospital/Princess Mary Hospital for Children 

Reference:  Olsen, K., Ware, G. (1988). Control of Severe Pain in Children. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 4(1), 16-18.


Investigation has shown us the need for more effective management of severe pain in the Princess Mary Childrens’ Hospital.  A multidisciplinary committee was convened to investigate the use of continuous narcotic infusion pumps in children.  We present here our experiences and the resulting management protocol which has been implemented.  All children receiving this type of pain relief are being followed up in a survey using case study methods.

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