Journal of Professional Nursing

A Place for Nurses in Health Service Management? 

Joy Bickley RGON, RM, OND, Dip.Teaching, BA, Dip.Soc.Sci.(Nsg), Dip.Soc.Sc.(Soc), Professional Officer, New Zealand Nurses Association 

Reference:  Bickley, J. (1989). A Place for Nurses in Health Service Management? Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 4(2), 11-15.


‘Professional advice is a load of hogwash …’So says an anonymous regional manager of the British National health Service (NHS) in an interview reported by researchers Philip Strong and Jane Robinson in the September 1988 issue of the Nursing Times. The above mentioned manager was responding to the question ’What is the role of nurses as regards professional advice?’, and continued ‘Professional advice? It’s bloody unintelligible. It’s all they’ve got to hang on to. It’s a load of cobblers…’

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