Journal of Professional Nursing

Breast Feeding: Are Dunedin Mothers Choosing to Continue? 

Rhondda Davies, BA, RCpN, ADN, RM, Queen Mary Hospital, Dunedin 

Reference:  Davies, R. (1989). Breast Feeding: Are Dunedin Mothers Choosing to Continue? Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 5(1), 4-11.


In May, 1988, a questionnaire was sent to 225 mothers whose infants were born in Queen Mary Hospital in September and October, 1987, to gather information about how those babies were fed.  The mothers believed that the most important factor leading to their success in breast feeding was their own attitude, followed by the encouragement and support from their partner, and in third place came the influence of contact with the midwives and nurses in the post-natal ward.

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