Journal of Professional Nursing

Factors in Nursing Stress 

D.E. Green, RGON, RM, MSc, Doctoral Candidate
A.J.W. Taylor, MA (NZ), Cert.Soc.Sc.(London), PhD
F.H. Walkley, MA(NZ), PhD, Department of Psychology, Victoria University of Wellington 

Reference:  Green, D., Taylor, A., Walkley, F. (1989). Factors in Nursing Stress. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 5(1), 11-18.


An analysis of recent stressful events at work provided by 220 hospital based nurses in a metropolitan area revealed seven major categories of concern.  These categories were then considered in some detail, and comments were made about the underlying issues, their resolution and the possible consequences unless appropriate measures are taken. 

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