Journal of Professional Nursing

Swallowing Assistance 

Lois Lilly, RGON, AND, Charge Nurse, Waitakere Hospital 

Reference:  Lilly, L. (1989). Swallowing Assistance. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 5(1), 24-26.


Betty* is a patient suffering from Motor Neurone Disease.  Some time ago I struggled to supply her with much needed fluids.  How could I enable her to take greater quantities of fluid more easily, without a constant fear, on her part and on mine, of her choking?  Fluids were essential to her general well being and sustained quality of life.  They help0ed prevent chest infections, urinary infections and kept her hydrated; all these things I knew.  The fear from Betty as we battled on, and my own concern for her wellbeing fuelled a determination to find some solution to this age-old problem. Continued…

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