Journal of Professional Nursing

HIV Infection and Universal Precautions: Why are health workers so fearful given the facts 

Kathy Kershaw, RGON, RM, Plunket Cert, BA, DHA, Cert in Social Studies, Nurse Advisor, Department of Health 

Reference:  Kershaw, K. (1992). HIV Infection and universal precautions: Why are health workers so fearful given the facts. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 7(2), 4-8.


Identifying people who are infected with HIV has drawn significant media attention over the past decade. This is an ethical issue that must be dealt with by health care workers, urgently. Services to people with HIV are being compromised by the attitudes and practices of some health care workers. Infection control nurses should provide leadership to health care workers who share the challenge of delivering effective and efficient services to people with HIV/AIDS.  Continued

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