Journal of Professional Nursing

Private Enterprise Occupational Health 

Wendy McInnes, RGON, Palmerston North

Reference:  McInnes, W. (1992). Private Enterprise Occupational Health. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 7(2), 21-24.


A private company in Palmerston North is providing occupational health services to the Manawatu.  From an initial concept in mid-1987, the business commenced operations in early 1988.  The concept has changed, the shareholding has changed but the business has survived and, by means of plenty of hard work, grew rapidly in 89 and 90, looks likely to achieve a 20% increase in gross turnover in 91/92 and has budgeted for an 11% increase in turnover for 92/93.  A.C.C. legislative changes have provided a new opportunity and this is being exploited.  The new Health and Safety legislation should provide increased opportunities but so far there is little evidence of this occurring.  However hope springs eternal and we are confident that we can see through the current hard times and that eventually an improved economy and a settled down health system will allow us to provide increased services for the benefit of the local community.

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