Journal of Professional Nursing

Computers and Nurses 

Peggy Patterson, RGN, Manawatu Polytechnic 

Reference:  Patterson, P. (1992). Computers and Nurses. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 7(3), 21-24.


This paper will consider some of the reasons why nurses must become computer literate and be both aware of, and able to use, information technology.  There are advantages for nurses in professional standing, research opportunities and assistance with management problems.  Without nursing involvement the use of computers will be imposed on nurses and it is possible that such an imposition could limit nursing autonomy, exclude nurses from decision making and increase the nurse’s workload without benefit.  There is a rapid expansion of information and its electronic storage and processing.  Are we as nurses aware of the implications of this?  Do we really want to know about it?  And are we ready to cope with the changes it could make in the way we practice?  These are essential questions for curriculum planners now.

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