Journal of Professional Nursing

Lessons from a Cervical Screening Programme: Are they Transferable?

Juliet Fleischl, RGON, Programme Manager 1992-1993, Auckland Cervical Screening Programme

Reference:  Fleischl, J. (1993). Lessons from a Cervical Screening Programme: Are they Transferable? Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 8(2), 34-37.


For the past three years, the National Cervical Screening Programme has been nationally co-ordinated but implemented by area health boards.  The National Co-ordinator has had responsibility for coordinating local and national initiatives.  Cervical screening managers in each area health board have been responsible for the implementation of the Programme in the regions.  The primary objective of the National Cervical Screening Programme is to reduce the incidence and deaths associated with cervical cancer, by providing:

  • an accessible smear-taking service oriented towards the consumer and
  • educational material to women and health care providers

The initial focus of the programme was on women who had never had a smear or who have an outdated smear history.  Therefore, special efforts and initiatives were directed at the priority groups of midlife and older women of all ethnic groups aged between 35-69 years.  Maori women and women from Pacific Island communities.

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