Journal of Professional Nursing

The Experience of Parenting a Child with Glue Ear

Garth Kendall, RGON, BA(Psych)
Megan Inglis, RGON, BAppSci(Hons)

Reference:  Kendall, G., Inglis, M. (1993). The Experience of Parenting a Child with Glue Ear. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 8(2), 27-33.


Glue ear is a common illness of early childhood.  It is thought that 10% of children in NZ will experience glue ear at some stage (Allen: 1985:3), and as there is evidence that the incidence is higher in Maori and Polynesian children (Giles and O’Brien, 1991; Whakarongo Mai, 1989). Glue ear, with its associated hearing loss, can have a significant effect on early childhood speech and language development.  Early detection and treatment has been identified as a National Health Goal (New Zealand Health Charter, 1988).

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