Journal of Professional Nursing

How Could Theory Affect Practice? 

Marian Saxton, RGON, ADN

Reference:  Saxton, M, (1994). How Could Theory Affect Practice? Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 9(1), 13-15.


The Incident
In this paper I wish to describe one particular night shift which occurred 11 to 12 years ago in an Intensive Therapy Unit.  Unfortunately some of the details are a little hazy but it is memorable because it taxed both my professional and personal resources and because with hindsight it made me question my role as a nurse.  I would like to revisit the situation to apply Jean Watson’s nursing theory and to discuss some implications of this theorist’s point of view.  I will conclude with some comments about the suitability of Watson’s theory to the I.T.U. situation and to my personal philosophy.

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