Journal of Professional Nursing

Curriculum Crossroads: Which direction should nursing take 

Christine Mercer, RGON, B.A., Tutor, School of Nursing and Health Studies, Waiariki Polytechnic 

Reference:  Mercer, C. (1994). Curriculum Crossroads: Which direction should nursing take? Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 9(2), 11-15.


Within New Zealand at present, degree programmes are being developed, diploma courses are under review and bridging or fast track programmes are being designed for those who wish to work as comprehensive nurses.  Therefore, nursing education and curriculum design are undergoing change and it is timely to revise current approaches.  Bottorff and D’Cruz (1985) argue that the focus of nurse education should be nursing and whist nurses, at times, need to be able to think from a philosophical, sociological or psychological perspective, those designing curricula need to ensure that nursing education does not become a course in philosophy, sociology or psychology.

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