Journal of Professional Nursing

Curriculum Revolution: What do all those buzz words really mean?

Heather Jackson, RGON RM AND IBCLC BA, Lecturer, Unitec, Institute of Technology 

Reference:  Jackson, H, (1994). Curriculum Revolution:  What do all those buzz words really mean? Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 9(2), 4-11.


Since 1988 articles have appeared in the nursing literature describing a curriculum revolution said to be occurring through the implementation of Project 2000.  The vision portrayed of nursing in the future and the preparation of nurses today appears to be radically different from the experience of nurses who trained in New Zealand before nursing education moved to places of higher education.  This new practitioner will be both a thinker and a doer, a thinking person with analytical skills and politically aware (McKenzies 1986).  The terms reflective practice, critical thinking, empowerment, autonomy and emancipatory have all become buzz words and part of the New Zealand nursing education lore.  Although frequently used these concepts in nursing are infrequently defined and understood at the present time.  This discussion will explore the understanding of these terms within the nursing literature and the implications for nursing education and the nurse teacher.  The issue of how well nursing is able to embrace these concepts in the current educational settings and socio-political climate will also be addressed.

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