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Notes for Contributors

APA 6th Edition Standards

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Submit your Manuscript to Nursing Praxis

Please read the Notes for Contributors before submitting your manuscript

Email and include -

  • Your Manuscript in MS Word or as a Rich Text Format (RTF) file, and include all tables and figures at the end of the document, each on a separate page. Your manuscript must not identify you so no authors or other identifying details are to be included. Please check your references comply with APA 6th edition, (manuscripts will be returned to the author if these are not correct).
  • The authors submission form. pdf Authors Submission Form 2017.pdf (0.44MB)
     (All authors must complete and sign the Authors Submission Form. Separate forms are acceptable if authors are in different locations and cannot all sign the same form). Please scan and email this form with the manuscript or If you need to post your authors form, please send it to -
    Nursing Praxis in New Zealand
    P O Box 1984
    Palmerston North 4440
    New Zealand